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I guess you could say that my life is in ruins

Bronco Athletics does it again!

For those keeping score at home, that is $2.75 million in donations announced this week. That is WILD! Not sure if these are just the setups for something dramatic for today and tomorrow but I am here for it!

Note: I don’t think it’s any realignment announcements. If there are any more it will probably be “just” more money.

Bronco Soccer adds eight new winners

Congratulations to all these future Broncos and may they never know the bitter taste of defeat.

Broncos still on the right side of ‘outperforming expectations’

All we can really do at this point is fistpump to ourselves and keep rooting for higher expectations! Three more games to go.

Bronco FB land another recruit

That makes it three recruits Monday through Wednesday. Are they following the lead of the Athletics Department with these announcements?!

Kind of short offer sheet BUT still pretty solid.

Bronco Gym also signs some more winners

Boise State adds there to the roster. A hearty congratulations to these winnders!


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