I definitely did not appreciate the weather down in Reno. And, as such, it won’t be receiving a Game Ball. Those injuries were very frustrating and hopefully there will be some defensive players for next week down in Laramie.

Anyway, time for some Game Balls against the Wolf Pack!

Game Ball One:

George Holani

What can I say? If Mr. Holani is on the field, he’s basically going to have some sort of impact. Whether that is him possibly getting the ball to actually getting the ball. He is going to bully his way into the endzone. And this game he did. He rushed 17 times for 115 yards and two touchdowns. His longest was 49 yards. I appreciate that effort.

Congratulations, Mr. Holani!

Game Ball Two:

Taylen Green

I never quite knew what it was like to have a really tall dude be able to run the ball very well and actually CHEER for the result. But here we are. Mr. Green “only” ran twice for 22 yards and one TD. He also threw for 218 yards on 11 receptions and also one TD. I am going to chalk the “low” numbers to the weather.

Congratulations, Mr. Green!

Game Ball Three:

Billy Bowens

Mr. Bowens was targeted five times, catching four. he had 67 yards and a TD. Pretty productive if you ask me. Funnily enough his longest reception (31 yards) was still only the third longest of the night (Stefan Cobbs and a 37-yarder and Eric McAlister had a 35). Won’t complain about those numbers.

Congratulations, Mr. Bowens!

Game Ball Four:

Scott Matlock

The Big Red Machine from Homedale, Idaho did some work on Saturday. He had four solo tackles, 1 sack, and 1.5 tackles-for-loss. Super nice to have the Broncos get pressure on the QB the whole night.

Congratulations, Mr. Matlock!

Game Ball Five:

Andrew Simpson

Mr. Simpson, is a redshirt freshman that has seen some limited time this year. BUT he was really able to come through for the Broncos with five tackles (to up until this game he had five TOTAL tackles), one TFL, and one sack. It’s god to see youngsters get some time.

Congratulations, Mr. Simpson!

Your Turn

OK now it is your turn. Who else should have gotten a Game Ball?