My boss asked me why I only seem to get sick on work days.

I said it must be due to my weekend immune system.

AD Jeramiah Dickey in an interview about recent donations

AD Dickey has been very vocal and aggressive about the fan experience at Boise State. Which is great. It feels like he’s able to connect really well with the fanbase and make you feel heard (to the best of his abilities). Looking forward to many more announcements of more cash.

JL Skinner: continuing to be good at football

To the tune of getting an invite to the Reese’s Senior Bowl down in Mobile, Alabama. I’m going to have mixed emotions. Happy that Skinner will be playing on Sundays. Sad that he won’t be playing (much longer) in a Boise State jersey.

Apparently Scott Matlock is done this year too?

For some reason I thought he was just going to stay at Boise State forever, apparently.

Here are the Mountain West FB Championship game scenarios

Broncos just need to win the last two games. Period. The Broncos definitely control their own destiny and, as long as they do their thing, they should be able to accomplish those goals. Anything can happen in the frozen tundra that is Laramie, but the Broncos have the ability to really come out to make another appearance in the championship game.

How often does a pressure lead to a sack?

This one is kind of a tough graph t oread. I know, for sure, you want to be to the right of the Y-axis. But I guess TG10 hasn’t had many dropbacks under pressure? That’s a double-good thing, yeah?


Check out what kind of sales McDonalds has in “real time”.