Game facts

  • Time: November 19th, 2022, 5:00 PM MST
  • Location: War Memorial Stadium
  • Weather at kickoff: 23° Partly Cloudy
  • Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Odds: Boise State by 14
  • Radio: 670 KBOI
  • Commentators: Rich “Triple Time” Waltz, “AT-AT” Aaron Taylor, Sherree “I went to a Shari’s once and it was pretty good” Burress (Sideline)

Other Facts

1. _yoming

Some may not be aware, but it is part of First Kick’s style guide that the state flagship university in the city of Laramie is known as _yoming, and this is because we have the W.

2. Mountain Division Chip Cookie on the Line
I do enjoy the way they try to incorporate their single series win as some sort of recent event, but you gotta respect the hustle.

Ladies and gents, it’s come down to this. The Mountain West (mountain division) Championship brought to the desolate plains of _yoming. It is worthy of note that in the horrific alternative universe where _yoming wins this game, they would also have to beat Fresno next week to clinch the Mountain division, whereas the Broncos will clinch the division and a home-field advantage with a win tomorrow.

3. Laradise

Late November games in Laramie are often the final frontier for the Broncos, but Laradise is in full swing tomorrow. Today is chilly in Laramie with a high of 11°, but tomorrow? It’s clear heaven’s favorable light will be shining down on the Broncos. And how much of heaven’s light you ask? About 20° more.

4. 5 in a Row, 15 of 16

Some fun stats for the people. Andy Avalos has never-ever-not-even-once lost to _yoming as a head coach. 100% win percentage, that’s nice. If you were starving to death and they gave you 10 Chilean pesos for every win in the series, Broncos fans would have 150 pesos, which is sometimes enough for a delicious sopapilla (or so-pie-pah if you wanna talk flaite). Unfortunately Cowboys fans, that would leave you with 10 pesos, which might get you a spoonful of salt at an almacén.

5. Sweet Memories


Boise State – Won 1

_yoming – Won 4

Best name on their roster

Picture you’re spending the summer at your grandparents house in the South:

Unfortunately, your grandparents are strict and your shenanigans have gotten you grounded. In despair, you implore your grandma, “what shall I do”? She hands you a book and says, “(_yoming RS Freshman LB) Read Sunn

Best Picture on their roster

It sure looks like Jaylen Sargent just found mildly incriminating evidence against you…

Players to Watch

Titus Swen & DQ James, RB(s)

The offensive heartbeat of this team, both backs have run for nearly 300 yards apiece in the last 3 games. Craig Bohl literally had Josh Allen and didn’t throw the ball, so this is probably what you’re gonna see.

Treyton Welch, TE

If they do throw the ball, a key figure will be Junior TE Treyton Welch. Getting him involved will be important as he leads the Cowboys in TDs with 4. TEs are just generally annoying wild cards, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Jordan Bertagnole, DT

Bertagnole is an excellent run defender and finds ways to get to the QB as well. The sophomore has 5 sacks on the year and likely wants to be on the extremely exclusive club that is “people who have successfully sacked Taylen Green”. While there is faint hope for the first, there is no hope for him to make the “people who have successfully sacked Taylen Green and didn’t get immediately embarrassed by him after” club. This is probably because there are no members.

Easton Gibbs, LB

The Bohlfense gets one NFL linebacker every year (compensation for trying to have a football program in Laramie) and this is it. The sophomore LB has 48 tackles, good for 39th in college football.

Keys to victory

  • Consistent Offense This game is more often than not an absolute grind. It doesn’t have to be running the ball, but consistent offense will wear down the Cowboys defense. And that will lead to opportunities for breaking away in the second half.
  • Win the Turnover Battle While I’ll admit I basically always put turnovers on here, low scoring games are decided by turnovers. _yoming wants a low scoring game, so if we’re gonna play with fire (or ice) then turnovers will be our salvation.
  • No Big Plays It would appear our defense is historical in it’s ability to stop the little stuff, but big plays often fall through the cracks. Airtight defense will keep our heartbeats at a normal pace.

Score prediction

I was happily very wrong in my prediction last week, and I hope to continue that trend. It may not be the most fun game ever, but minimal mistakes from the Broncos will keep them a step ahead.

Boise State 24, _yoming 10