My wife asked if I wanted to starting doing yoga with her.

I said that it puts me in an awkward position.

Former Bronco Jake Stetz also drafted into the XFL

He got drafted the same night as Mr. Weaver but I didn’t see that until I was in bed. Figured it could wait a day. Congratulations to Mr. Stetz on his opportunity and I hope he is able to have a long and distinguished career.

Bronco MBB dropped their tournament opener in Myrtle Beach

Oops. First half shooting didn’t bode well for the Broncos. Still early in the season.

Bronco WBB also came up short

Just one of those days, unfortunately. Here’s to recouping and getting better.

Boise State MBB do land a really good recruit though!

At one point Mr. Lockett was rated five-stars and had a really great offer sheet. Coach Leon Rice is out here making some moves.


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