My TV certainly didn’t deserve the verbal abuse it got tonight.

When Holani fumbled, all I could think was that I’d hear that call of Aaron Taylor losing it for the rest of my life. The good guys won thankfully. Horrible, horrible game yes, but you can open your eyes now. I don’t want to talk a lot about the first half (or the second) but I’ll cover my bases. I also briefly considered putting in the videos of the bad plays to give you a little more breadth of coverage, but I don’t think you really came here for that anyway. (As a disclaimer I will include the aforementioned Holani fumble for it’s contextual relevance in my storytelling, otherwise we’re just gonna roll with the good stuff)

Extremely fitting captains for the game it would turn out

1st Half

The first half was objectively terrible. A fumble in the red zone, a missed field goal, and a turnover on downs lead to a very quick 10-0 lead for the pokes. Broncos started making plays to take over the stat sheet starting around the second, but points wouldn’t follow til much later.

While Jonah Buckets missed on an earlier attempt in the game, he hit this HUGE 47 yard nuke at the end of the half. More centered than hitting that center justification button on Microsoft Word.

3rd Quarter

A huge endzone INT by Rodney Robinson gave the Broncos the ball for the first time in the second half. And with that ball, we got this joy of a play. It was extremely stressful, but our baby Barry Sanders made it happen. Bonus commentary complimentary of Jeanty’s mom!

With 5 minutes left in the 3rd, Broncos finally take the lead. Taylen Green is absolutely the man and I love every bit of this play. He did a lot of these and it was pretty dang amazing.

4th Quarter

After giving up an 80 yard gash, the Broncos brought it right back to get this score. Clutch play from Bowens to put us back on top.

And now, the moment(s) you’ve all been waiting for:

*deep inhale*

OKAY so _yoming goes into 2 minute drill. They get a first down on the first throw but a couple incompletions puts them in 3rd down. Then BOOM. Interception Skinner.

Then there was a heinous amount of JINXING by the Bronco faithful declaring this game a victory. We had this fumble that looked like a time traveler came in to punch the ball out. It made zero sense. Holani has like 2 fumbles in the history of his life I’m pretty sure. Huge props to Taylen Green on the tackle here though. It probably should’ve been a TD but the _yoming guy decided to not follow his blockers, so thanks for that. Also: Taylen Green is fast. Pretty useful it would seem.

In it’s thrilling conclusion, the universe righted itself. A perplexing decision to throw here lead the _yoming interception. He ended with 3 completions to each team in his first career start. JL Skinner deserves anything you can throw at him. Special special talent.

Final Thoughts:

Stats for people who are into that:

I mostly want to forget the game, but I’m happy. Mountain Division champs? Check. Playing for all the marbles in two weeks at home? You betcha. Gooooooooodnight Bronco Nation, see y’all on Black Friday!