Well that was quite the doozy of a game. Something that I certainly don’t wish on anyone. Well, the winning part I definitely wish on us. And the painful losing is something I wish on the teams on our schedule. I guess I lied and I do wish these types of games on folks.

Anyway today’s Game Balls are going to be a visual medium. Mostly.

Game Ball One:

Taylen Green

20-34 passing, 211 yards and one passing TD. That TD is below. He did run one in for a TD. Also his defensive prowess cannot be overstated.

Not sure how he does it but TG10 just keeps getting better and better with his throws.

Game Ball Two:

JL Skinner

I’ll let the video speak for itself.

Agent Zero is a baaaaad, baaaaaaaad, maaaaaaaaaaan.

Game Ball Three:

George Holani

Mr. Holani had a really strong night despite no touchdowns (that counted). He had 132 yards rushing on 20 carries. Pretty solid night.

Game Ball Four:

Scott Matlock

The Big Red Machine from Homedale, Idaho didn’t have many stats, per se, but Mr. Jay ‘Boom’ Tust put together a very fine argument.

Going to miss that guy when he plays in the NFL.

Game Ball Five:

Ashton Jeanty

He was thisclose to a century mark (91 yards rushing) but he did have this sweet run.

Your Turn

I know I left off a bunch of potential Game Balls. Who else needs one?