Did you hear about the new Origami channel?

It is paper view only.

It’s going to be a busy day for football

Boise State is playing an early game today, 10 am MST, so it really sets us up for either an early good weekend, or an early rough one. The division is already wrapped up and we have another game at home BUT it is Senior Day and no way do they want to end things on a sour note.

In case you were wondering what the Broncos were wearing on Senior Day this morning

Classic blue-on-blue is the obvious choice. If I were a betting man (I am not) I would also put money on them wearing the same gear on December 3rd. Two very important games needing the the classic standby.

In case you were wanting to look at some stats to pass the time

It is good to see the Broncos making moves up the charts on a lot of these. I would imagine the first four games weren’t nearly as high as the Broncos are right now. Now to finish out the last three games with even higher notes.


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