I try not to be too negative in losses. But sometimes it’s hard to find a really outstanding performance. But the show has to go on.

Game Ball One:

Davis Koetter

Mr. Koetter had the Broncos’ lone TD on one of the weirdest plays of the day. Not sure if the Fresno State defenders just decided to “give up” on the play or what but, hey, Koetter almost hit the century mark (93 yards) on five catches and that isn’t too bad.

Congrats, Mr. Koetter!

Game Ball Two:

Herbert Gums

The Boise State pass rush did pretty decently on the day. Mr. Gums had four tackles (two solo), a sack, and a pass break up. Haener did ‘ok’ yesterday. But the Broncos d-line weren’t going to just let him get his stats.

Congrats, Mr. Gums!

Game Ball Three:

Jonah Dalmas

Mr. Automatic hit three FGs and was responsible for the majority of the Broncos’ points on the day. He’s technically a junior but curious if he tests the pro waters?

Congrats, Mr. Dalmas!

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