A sweater I bought was picking up static electricity, so I returned it to the store.

They gave me another one free of charge.

ICYMI: Broncos head to the Frisco Bowl

Also this happened last night: North Texas fired Seth Littrell

Not sure how much of a factor this is going to be in two weeks. It’s never fun to be coach-hunting this close to the early signing period.

Broncos down a coach going into the bowl game as well

A bummer to be sure but good luck to Coach Poppinga on his next stop.

Vote for Boise State and esports collegiate program of the year

And make it quick since I am not sure when the voting ends for the year.

Check out these Bronco records in various uniforms

This is pretty cool for you superstitious types.

For the record: I am a little stitious.


Save the bees! But watch your screen.