Another week of my Twitter voyage! Charles Leno Jr. nominated for Man of the Year and Alexander Mattison goes viral. Not too bad, not too bad.

New country, same story
Nobody has less brain cells than Kellen Moore haters
Get our man to the Pro Bowl
He’s movin up in the world
Poppin half court shots during the timeout, almost won a set of tires, not too bad for the future pro bowler
Now they should, ya know, pass him the ball
Shak SZN soon approaching
Why make football hard?
Still time left for our guy Hightower
Ezra still winning
Art from Alexander Mattison goes viral
Jay Tust better watch out for Leno’s return to B-Town…
Huge honor for Leno!

Following this list of guys in the NFL plus keeping tabs on:

  • Kellen Moore, OC, Dallas Cowboys
  • Ryan Dinwiddie, HC, Toronto Argos (CFL)
  • Curtis Weaver, DL, Seattle Sea Dragons (XFL)
  • Jake Stetz, OL, Arlington Renegades (XFL)
  • Jaylon Henderson, QB, Panasonic Impulse (X-League Japan)
  • Always looking for more