My son just became a priest!

From now on he wants me to call him ‘father.’

Demarcus Lawrence is trying to make the Pro Bowl

And if you have Twitter you can help him get there. He started getting some pretty decent traction on that tweet. Hopefully he is able to make it.

Boise State esports wins a championship in Overwatch 2

Congratulations to Coach/Professor/Dr Haskell and his team.

I have only ever been ‘ok’ at video games, at least when I was younger. Anymore my oldest kid whoops up on me whenever we play. The race against Father Time is a losing one for me.

Idaho Press’s Jordan Kaye is curious about how Boise State is going to use the transfer portal

And, frankly, I think so is everyone else.

Kaye reviews some of what Boise State has gotten from the portal and what they’ve lost is is pretty well-known. Fingers crossed the portal treats everyone well.

CBS Sports ranks the bowl games

And Boise State vs North Texas didn’t get last!

But it came kinda close though. I’m not going to spoil it here but you can click on it and CRTL + F ‘Boise’. It’s how I always search these articles.

Sports Illustrated: not a fan of the Frisco Bowl


Yahoo Sports liked our matchup the most

Apparently Yahoo Sports is my favorite outlet now.


Want to paint some finger nails?