Game Facts

-Kickoff Time: 7:15 MST

Venue: Toyota Stadium, Frisco Texas

-Weather at Kickoff: 35°


-Line: Boise State -10, o/u: 59.5

-Commentators: Dave Neal, Deuce McAllister, Andraya Carter

Other Interesting Facts

1.) The Broncos used their southern facility for practice The Dallas Cowboys sure do love Boise State. They draft our players all the time, so it’s only right they let us use their practice facility. In fact… with the amount of BSU players that are on the Dallas roster, it kinda feels like you could just call it Cavern Williams 2.0.

2.) Still alive at 25 The Broncos have been bowl eligible for 25 years in a row. Interestingly enough, because 2020 happened and Boise State didn’t accept a bowl bid even though they were 5-2, and the Broncos didn’t get to play last year, this technically starts a new streak of playing in bowl games. The last streak ended at 18, tied for 11th all time. Of note, it’s one better than BYU has ever done so that’s always nice.

3.) WHERE’S BUSH HAMDAN? No one seems to know if Bush is coaching the bowl game, but I sure doubt it. He’s not coaching the Missouri bowl game, but it just seems like a bad idea to let him call plays when a 10 win season is on the line and he hasn’t ever called plays for this group. Rest assured though, Coach Pete’s response will be true soon enough: I’m sure Bush is headed to the practice facility.

4.) Easy Breezy Breezy Dubar sure gave Bronco fans a scare and a half earlier this week. It all started early this month when Dion Sanders and co. decided to offer the four star running back from Anna High School. Fast forward to Monday of this week and Breezy had taken all BSU related posts out of his pinned tweets and proceeded to tweet “Two more months till signing day!” I was bummed. I though it was over, and we lost our biggest recruit of the class. But then! To the rescue! It’s B.J. Rains! B.J. traveled to Anna and interviewed Breezy, and he reassured all of Bronco Nation that he was just messing with us, and he will be signing in just a few days to be a Bronco. What a relief!

5.) Yee Haw Cowboy! For how many of our players are from Texas, they sure can’t speak in a Texas accent. The cowboy hats are a nice touch though… I might have to pick one of those up while I’m down in Dallas for the game.

6.) Our Green is better I think we can all agree that Taylen Green is better than the Mean Green… I’d take him over the whole roster any day. Taylen over everybody!

Winning/Loosing Streaks

Boise State: Loss 1

UNT: Loss 1

Best name on the roster

Easy: Ikaika Ragsdale. The Sophomore from Bishop Gorman has 661 yards and 5 touchdowns on the ground this year and 109 yards and 3 touchdowns through the air… lets hope we don’t hear his name too often on Saturday.

Best picture on the roster

Cole Brown takes the crow here, and I only need two words to tell you why: MAN BUN!

Players to watch

Austin Aune, QB

The Mean Green are pretty balanced, and Aune knows how to play his role well. He’s thrown for 3309 yards this year, slinging 32 TDs and 13 INTs. He’s not one to get out and run often, so the Bronco pass rush will need to make sure they get to him in the pocket so he doesn’t have time to find his guys down field.

Ayo Adeyi, RB

A close candidate for best name on the roster Adeyi has 746 yards on the ground this year for four touchdowns. That includes a 92 yard score against Louisiana Tech. The Broncos D-Line needs to be ready to close up holes and make this kid move laterally before he moves vertically, or he could really hurt BSU.

Ikaika Ragsdale, RB

Ragsdale has 661 yards and 5 TDs this seaon, so he’s right behind Adeyi. This is a team that knows how to run the ball, and will punish a defense that isn’t ready to be physical and stop the run. Ragsdale will add a complement to Adeyi, keeping the backfield fresh and dangerous

Roderic Burns, WR

What a great name for a wide receiver. Burns has 37 catches for 650 yards, but somehow only one TD on the season. Regardless, he will be a threat to the Bronco secondary all night long, and will get the Mean Green in good position to make plays.

Jyaire Shorter, WR

Here is where all the touchdowns have gone! Shorter has 10 TDs on the year with 598 yards on only 22 catches. That 27 yards a catch… the DB’s are going to have to be looking over their shoulder for this guy all the time, because he might just be flying down field.

KD Davis, MLB

Davis has an impressive 132 tackles on the season, putting him 10th in the country. This guy can fly around the field and make plays, and will look to shut down the prolific offense the Broncos bring to the table.

Ridge Texada, DB

Texada has a team leading 3 INTs this season, and will look to make a living off anything thrown his way. He is the strong piece of a pass defense that is allowing almost 300 yards through the air, so the Broncos will want to watch out for who he lines up on.

Keys to victory

-Wrap up This team can run the rock. Three guys that are over 500 yards for the year means they are going to be physical and will look to establish the run game early. The Broncos need to counter this by tackling well.

-Taylen the Surgeon UNT is giving up quite a few yards on the ground and through the air. Taylen will get his chance to shine as a rusher and a passer, but he needs to take advantage of the chances given to him. A good game from Taylen likely means a lot of points from the Broncos in this one.

-Watch the deep ball The BSU defense has been one of the best in the country this year, and the ONLY flaw that has hurt them has been the occasional deep ball. This UNT team will look to take advantage of that from time to time, so the DBs need to be ready to go stride for stride and watch out for guys leaking out deep.

-Just win baby It’s been a few years since the Broncos got to double digit wins. A nice win here would get the Broncos to 10 wins, and that would be fantastic. Al Davis said it best, right? Just win baby.

Score Prediction

I think people are overlooking this UNT team a little bit. They are 7-6 in an okay conference, but they have the big place ability that lets you compete with anyone. I think the Broncos still run away with it though. Taylen will bounce back from a shaky MWC Championship game, and the seniors will take care of business. Boise State wins this one, 38-13.