Went to a zoo that only had one animal and it was a dog.

It was a Shih Tzu.

CBS Sports with some football picks for the weekend

Tom Fornelli has the Broncos as the ‘Lock of the Week’. As long as everyone is motivated and has eyes on a ten-win season then this, by all means, should be a lock. But that’s why they play the games, you just never know. This is a business trip for the Broncos (along with recruiting) so will be good to put on a show.

Athlon Sports has a prediction on the Frisco Bowl as well

I assume you’re sensing a trend with today’s links. Live football/sports is basically consistent content. So writing about these bowls gives media an opportunity to crush easy clicks. Like this one!

Oh what’s this, another prediction? This time from Sports Illustrated

Oh how I long for the days of the Pat Forde BSU BUS momentum. Not much can be done about it now outside of building that momentum back up. Taylen Green. Ashton Jeanty. Bush Hamden. There’s potential here to get that BUS status back.

Here’s something that’s just for fun!

Need to pump those numbers up a bit though.

Not rookie numbers, obvs, but would like to see that percentage tick up a few more.


Bird’s eye view of Neo Geo City.