This is going to be fairly straightforward given the win on Saturday. Kind of lame the outcome was so close at the end but a win is a win. Can’t complain too much.

Game Ball One:

Taylen Green

What’s more to say about the Frisco Bowl Offensive MVP than what has already been said. Dude is a baller and he’s going to do some great things. He had 137 yards passing, one TD pass, and two TD rushes to go along with 119 yards rushing (second most of the night). The results speak for themselves.

Congrats Mr. Green.

Game Ball Two:

Zeke Noa

Mr. Noa snagged the Defensive MVP. And with good reason. He had six total tackles, and an INT for 52-yards. That’s pretty awesome.

Congrats Mr. Noa.

Game Ball Three:

Ashton Jeanty

Mr. Jeanty is the other half of the rushing bonanza on Saturday. Jeanty was my personal pick for offensive MVP (I am arguing FOR Jeanty and not against Green). The guy had 188 total yards (178 rushing and one catch for 10 yards) and a touchdown. 178 yards rushing is nuts and the fact he got his by savvy hurdling and literally running through dudes makes for an exciting time. He’s the future but I just hope the staff will be able to limit his runs. No need to have Ajayi-level touches if we can preserve him.

Congrats Mr. Jeanty.

Game Ball Four:

Jonah Dalmas

Mr. Dalmas was perfect on two FGs and all the other PATs he had to kick. He had nine total points and kicked a bunch of kickoffs. I assume he was instructed to avoid touchbacks? Only reason I can think of to avoid the endzone.

Congrats Mr. Dalmas.

Game Ball Five:

Latrell Caples

Mr. Caples had 87 yards on six catches. He also had a long of 32.He also got a personal foul penalty defending Green in enemy territory. That’s karma points in my book.

Congrats Mr. Caples.

Your Turn

I am most likely missing some. Go ahead and let me know who else should get one.