My biggest fear is being trapped in a small room with Santa.

I have Claustrophobia.

Former Boise State Bronco, Brett Rypien, leads the other Broncos to a win

Denver is in a really weird situation here where they have a guy on the roster they gave a quarter of a billion dollars to, but can’t score worth a darn. Brett Rypien helped orchestrate an offensive “explosion” of 24 points. Maybe Denver has something there? No? Oh well then. Hopefully Mr. Rypien has done enough to at least some looks from other teams in the league.

Bronco MBB wins their ninth-straight game

Barring our own actual recap, the one from Boise State will have to do. It looks like Oakland is bad this year? Historically they’ve been ok, right? I know I have probably chosen them more often than not to go further in the NCAA tourney than I should have.

Boise State broke a winter graduation record

Which is pretty awesome! And it had some notable Broncos. If you follow that rabbit through the hole you can see what plans the recent graduates have going forward.

Athlon Sports had Frisco Bowl at no. 17

A lot of these articles (and rankings) go through my head so I don’t remember if I already posted this (probably did) BUT it’s nice to see they had it higher than some of the other lamer bowls? Though after reading through it, I bet the players still wished it was played in Miami.


It’s close to the time of the year where we have some time off. You bored? Try Free Rider.