I saw a bunch of ants eating my chocolate bar on the kitchen counter.

There is life on Mars.

Well, well, well look at what we have here!

Some fun with statistics!

Andy Avalos signing day press conference at 12:30 today

It is going to be a–mostly–busy day as the coaching staff wait for kids to sign on that dotted line. There are always surprises as kids to, or don’t, sign with the Broncos. Hopefully all the players we are counting on signing actually sign and hopefully some good surprises (and no bad surprises, please).

College bowl game rankings, so far

Well at least the Frisco Bowl isn’t in last place on this list. Literally middle of the pack. Oh well, I’ll take it I guess.

Not sure what this does for Bronco MBB strength of schedule but it has to be good?

Utah Valley went into Eugene, probably as a money game, and had been beating the Ducks by quite a bit earlier in the game. The fact that the score is as close as it was means UO was in quite the hurry to make up ground.


Potato or tomato?