A storm blew away 25% of my roof last night.


Boise State signing day recap

This is the official one by Boise State. The crazy thing about this class is there weren’t any late flips despite some late runs/big pushes from other schools. That’s impressive. Always seems like the closer to a signing day, the more nervous we have to get about a late poach. Good on the coaching staff.

Check out the KenPom rankings

Mostly just for funsies. Nice to see Boise State rated as high as as they are.

A brief history of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Nothing super revelatory here and probably all information you knew at some point. BUT kind of fun to stroll down memory lane every so often. The Idaho Potato Commission has been doing a good job with the marketing and still having a bowl game in Boise is important. I thought I had heard from the ESPN broadcast during the actual game on Monday was this is the northern most bowl game. I’m skeptical on that.

Pat Forde thinks the Early Signing Day should go away

I don’t know. He has brought up some decent points about the timing of firings and whether or not coaches should be recruiting for other schools, etc. But, honestly, The coaching carousel has been going on for years. Even Dan Hawkins and Boise State had their own difficulty when he moved on to CU. It is nice to not have to sweat out player flips.

Demarcus Lawrence is headed to the Pro Bowl

Congratulations, Tank!

It’s awesome to see former Broncos getting recognized for the work they’re doing.


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