I recently bought a new toilet brush.

Long story short; I’m going back to paper.

Is this the year Kellen Moore gets an NFL Head Coach spot?

Not sure! BUT it won’t be for lack of opportunity. Most likely for lack of wanting to be awesome and win a bunch of football games/Super Bowls. Mostly lopsided conjecture but I, for one, am really excited for multiple Kellen Moore Super Bowl wins. I assume there is going to be multiple. I have no reason to believe otherwise.

The Seattle Times isn’t impressed with UWs matchup against Boise State next year

The Broncos are higher than a couple of Pac-12 teams but clocking in a no. 8 is… underwhelming? It doesn’t matter, obviously, the article is more about filling the brutal–oh so brutal–void of no more CFB for… awhile. But this gives us something to be annoyed with going into the void.

Former Broncos receiver headed to Texas a graduate assistant

Good luck to Mr. Koetter on his next step and opportunity. Can only assume the Boise State coaching connection continues.

Bronco MBB projected in the NCAA tournament

You’ll have to click to find out where though. No spoilers in this one.

Bronco MBB did get a top-25 vote!



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