Why haven’t aliens visited our solar system yet?

They looked at the reviews: one star.

The reason why the Bills aren’t in the conference championships: not throwing to Shakir enough.

At least, that’s the takeaway I read from this.

Also: Tony Romo had some nice things to say about the future NFL Hall of Famer.

Boise State MBB held steady in the NCAA NET rankings

Only falling one spot (20 from 19) after the razor-thin loss to New Mexico. Because of the fickle NCAA selection process, we are going to be watching this like a HAWK all season. Fingers-crossed everything works out.

Also: we are taking suggestions for slightly disrespectful, but somewhat correct ways to refer to New Mexico. See _yoming, Cal State University Fresno, and UNR as examples of what we are looking for.

Former Bronco women’s tennis player Bobbi Oshiro playing pickleball down in Florida

I think it’s kind of neat more of the obscure sports are garnering more attention. I’ve never played pickleball. Somewhat like tennis? Good luck to Ms. Oshiri on the opportunity.

Vikings sign Curtis Weaver

To a futures contract. Not sure what all that entails, but I assume it’s a future in the NFL Hall of Fame. That’s how I interpret this at any rate.