I am giving away racing geese for free.

You can come over if you want to have a gander.

A scouting report for JL Skinner

Skinner is going to be a steal for whichever teams decides to take him. Would like to see that pick up happen sooner than later, but I suppose we have to make sure we are realistic. Second to third round does sound about right.

Current ESPN bracketology

Broncos MBB are “in” according to ESPN. The first round would be against NC State. If the Broncos get Marcus Shaver back sooner than later then I really believe it. I think they could steal a win in the tournament.

Who has two thumbs (probably more?) and is predicted first in softball this year?

That’s right, the Broncos! That was a super-close race to the top with the Broncos getting the nod with 61 points vs 60 to San Diego State. I’m not sure how this all works but I can only assume that this is legally binding and the Mountain West has to make sure the result is accurate or there’s going to be a lawsuit.

Forgot to talk about Signing Day last week

Better late than never, right? Cool to see some local kids get an opportunity to continue their careers on the next level. Lots of former Broncos were walk-ons that got their opportunity after a lot of hard work.

Congratulations to all these athletes.

Note: Yes, Michael put together a post with interviews and stuff. It’s just I hadn’t talked about it yet.


Cross divisions.