When I was a kid. I wanted to play the guitar really badly.

And after years of hard work, practice and dedication, I can now play the guitar really badly.

Bronco GYM snags some weekly recognition

Congratulations to Adriana Popp who made Vault specialist with a 9.950 and Courtney Blackson who was a co-Bar Specialist with a 9.925. Add the fact the Broncos came away with a W last Friday against Utah State, can’t complain.

Check out this NIL deal a Bronco volleyball player snagged

The new Ford Broncos are really neat and while I have no reason to own one, my trips to Costco can get pretty intense. Sometimes gotta be able to haul all those groceries in one go.

Bronco WBB nabs a weekly honor too

Congrats to Natalie Pasco on the selection and really enjoying the Broncos nabbing these important conference wins.

Bronco esports has a signee

Cool to see this accomplishment taken seriously like the other sports. Good luck to the future winner!


I can’t remember if I have posted this before but check out this Online Tone Generator.