I wrote a book on how to fall down the stairs.

It’s a step by step guide.

Former Boise State wrestler now in the UFC Hall of Fame

Which is pretty dang cool.

Visited Jens Pulver’s Wikipedia. While I think the HoF nod is cool, this is probably the most important thing:

In 2014, Pulver makes a cameo on season four of The Vanilla Ice Project on DIY Network.

If I made a guest-appearance with Vanilla Ice I would be pretty geeked.

Broncos checking in an no. 27 on the NCAA NET rankings

Broncos were able to dispatch _yoming fairly straightforward on Saturday, despite the Cowboys BARELY beating the spread. I think the Broncos were just trying to get out of there without a significant injury.

There was a game played in the same stadium where this play happened

Kind of a big deal.

I don’t want to argue which game was worth more, but–c’mon–who is REALLY going to remember yesterdays game 16 years from now. Exactly: no one.

The below is KIND of why I’ve been avoiding writing WUBN the past few days

Which sucks… kinda.

If you can, click on that tweet and read more. Broncos have a pretty good trajectory. Some wasted time really held Boise State back.


You folks need a resource for making mazes? Check out this Maze Generator.