Well, that was fun.

Magical, perhaps. Massive crowd watching the Broncos being held at arm’s length all game. We hit a shot, they hit a shot. We go on a run, they go on a run. Falling behind as much as 9, but never leading by more than two. A questionable and-one putting the aztecs up 8 with 5 minutes to go. Somehow double-digit turnovers hadn’t sunk the Broncos yet, but it looked like it had.

And then there was Max.

He hit a free throw, then a miss. Deggie was there though, tough rebound. Pass it out. Then a 3 by? Max. 4 point game. A couple missed chances and a missed shot, rebound, whirlwind, 3 pointer by Max, doesn’t call bank, doesn’t matter. 1 point game. More elite defensive, so let’s give the ball back to the man of the hour. Max takes it, does a ‘lil somethin somethin, sniper takes out two aztecs. Max shooting a three after resetting? Automatic. Two point lead. Run it back on defense, who else? Max Rice, coaches son, run only by confidence and sheer will, jumps the pass.

He takes it all the way home.

Good Guys 66, aztecs 60


Twitter Time

I’ve tried this before, but I think it’s fun for recap purposes to keep the little twitter clips that pepper the experience.

What more can I say?

GIF work like this from our very own Drew is what keeps us in business

A worthy court storm for a worthy game

There are some who would not approve of the court storm, but why not?

Maybe THE possession of the game. Crowd absolutely took over

From here I just pulled all the fun Twitter highlights for your viewing pleasure, starting with #12 isoing the DPOY


And why should he?

Postgame presser reveals coach burns was not thrilled by Max’s risk-taking on defense, but it paid off for him in the end!

Film crew stays undefeated

Grand Finale?

Finally, some stats for the nerds out there.