We had a contest at work for the best neckwear.

It was a tie.

Dallas re-signs Leighton Vander Esch

Which is good. Shows they do have SOME taste, at least on the defensive side of the ball. Can’t speak to their offensive (and I do mean that two different ways) coaching. But good on LVE for securing the bag for himself.

Bronco gets softball nod

Congratulations to Sydney Groves on getting recognized for Freshman of the week. Clearly the next step is to just get a complete sweep of all the awards going forward. This is just the first step.

Pat Forde ranks all 68 NCAA MBB teams in the tournament

I’ll save you a click in that he puts Boise State no. 51. Northwestern (which is nowhere NEAR the northwest) at no. 29. Meh. Sure, I guess.

Broncos are in Sac Town

Tomorrow is going to be a good/fun day. Excited to see what happens.


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