I think we are finally getting into the groove. Settling into this thing. Next thing we know it’ll be single-digits. And THEN the magic happens! With 96 Days left it’s– TE Luke Voorhees

#96, Luke Voorhees, R So, TE


Height: 6′ 3″

Weight: 235

High school: Pierce HS, Arbuckle, CA

How’d he get to The Blue™?

The one fun thing about guys that are repeats from other years is not much really changes. As it stands, he still came in as a walk-on. And, again, not a whole lot on the recruiting front. Looking forward to him breaking out on the field.


“The Chosen One”

I went with the horror fruit in last years’ entry, might as well go with the fantasy.

Note: Yes, I know Luke wasn’t the chosen one, but it is just easier this way.


Ben VanderMey - IMDb

American Actor Ben VanderMey

Career Highlights

To recap some of his high school career, Mr. Voorhees had 54 catches for 847 yards, 10 receiving TDs and 11 total TDs. On the defensive side of the ball he had 132 total tackles and 12 sacks.

He did not play his R-Fr year.

2023 Prospectus

There are six tight ends on the roster. One is Riley Smith, who had a decent year last year, and… well… the experience at the tight end position is kind of light this year (Tyneil Hopper transferred). So maybe we see a breakout season with Voorhees.

Is he on Twitter?

Weird. I couldn’t find his Twitter last year but a very, quite literal, simple Google search revealed his Twitter. I am a dummy.

Completely made up fact

Modeled after the Luke from Star Wars, Voorhees has a mechanical hand. Says it helps with his blocking. Lets see how it goes.