You know what’s hard to write? Sonnets. Had to write one for my Shakespeare class last week, NOT worth it. Whose idea was it to take English and make it math? Awful. At First Kick, we don’t believe in math except to tell you 83 days is 11.8571 weeks til kickoff!

Now presenting: Cole Wright.

#83, Cole Wright, RS Sophomore, WR


Height: 6′

Weight: 180

High school: Carlsbad HS (Carlsbad, CA)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Cole was a 3 star guy known for mossing dudes in HS. He shunned a little Ivy League college in Cambridge, MA as well as a few other D1s. Great choice imo.


“Swole” Wright

Don’t get in his way, that’s all I’m sayin. While he’s not yet at DK Metcalf build, he just needs to get 4 inches taller and gain 56 lbs to get there. Jokes aside, Swole Wright is a perfect fit for his bright future in playmaking.


This is one where I have to trust the system. Our lookalike machine has never been wrong, even when it’s wrong. In another life, Cole might’ve been Grey Damon of Friday Night Lights fame.

Career Highlights

Cole got in the action a little bit more last year! He averaged 22.1 yards on 10 kickoff returns and caught a 47 yard bomb against New Mexico. Good things definitely seem to follow his name.

2023 Prospectus

Cole’s part of an exciting WR group right now. I’d expect to still see him returning kicks, but there’s room for him to make some noise this year. He’s got great speed that I’m sure we can find a use for.

Is he on Twitter?

He does, @ColeWright0, although no tweets or retweets for this calendar year.

Completely made up fact

Cole was devastated by yesterday’s Champions League Final. Despite being a lifelong fan of Inter Milan, Cole has decided to rescind his fandom and move on to Inter Miami, new home of Lionel Messi.