You folks still here? Good. Because we are nearly done with the 80s. Takes a lot of dedication to get this far. With 82 days until kickoff — WR Ben Ford

#82, Ben Ford, RS Soph, WR


Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 195 lbs

High school: Eagle HS, Eagle, ID

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Mr. Ford was committed to the University of Washington to play baseball. But the allure of football was too great and when Coach Avalos was named HC, the Broncos extended an offer and, wouldn’t you know it, he accepted!

In football he only had two other offers. Army and the University of Phoenix, Idaho campus. Ford did the only right move there: Boise State.



He may be relatively smaller at 5′ 11″ but he is mighty.


American Actor Mike Vogel

Career Highlights

In a Broncos uniform he made appearances in two games. He also made Academic All-Mountain West last fall.

2023 Prospectus

Gosh there is a lot of talent at the WR spot. Cobbs is back for a sixth season, Caples, Bowens, McAlister (with one ‘L’, don’t make the mistake I’ve done before and use two), Bolt, Wright. Lots of options for Taylen Green to throw to. So where does Mr. Ford Fit? Historically the Broncos have been able to utilize utility guys such as Ford for odd matchups and misdirection. Maybe he can work himself into unique packages and see some touches.

Is he on Twitter?

Yeah. But largely retweets.

Completely made up fact

Yes, he is related to Henry Ford (Great Great Grandpa Hank as Ben refers to him). But Ben’s family renounced the Ford fortune because they wanted to “make their own way.” Which is cool but, mannnn, that’s a lot of money to walk away from.