Today’s countdown, in the 70s now, is the first of a bunch of offensive linemen, so let’s jump in and explore…

#77, Kage Casey, RS Freshman, OL



Height: 6’5″

Weight: 306 lbs

High school: Clackamas High School

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Kage came to Boise State from the state of Oregon, where he played offensive and defensive line, en route to a 10-2 record and an appearance in the second round of the state playoffs in his final season. He was a three-star recruit and turned down an offer from the Oregon State Beaves (because they’re buttheads) to come play on The Blue.



Nicolas Kage Casey, the First


The lookalike generator says…this person I’ve never heard of. Jacob Elordi?

Career Highlights

So far, not many highlights to speak of at the college level. He got into five games last year, but you can view his high school highlights here.

2023 Prospectus

Kage is a large human that is adept at preventing other large men from getting to his quarterback and/or moving them out of the way to make space for his running backs. That said, there are a few of those already on the roster and a limited number of spots, despite some turnover from last year. If he got into 5 games last year (showing enough promise to necessitate the burning of his redshirt year), I’m going to assume that number goes up in 2023. How much though? No clue. We’ll all find out together!

Is he on Twitter?

That is an affirmative.

Completely made up fact

Mr. Casey has garage thrashmetal band called “Rage in the Kage”. They recently secured a gig to perform at a local Denny’s, so we better be careful we don’t lose him to the rockstar life!