On day number 78, we commemorate…

Jersey #TBD, Howard Brown, RS Sophomore, Defensive Tackle (and…quarterback?)

Credit: Cyclones.com


Height: 6’2″

Weight: 312 lbs

High school: Lincoln College Prep

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Well, this story starts out on an interesting note, because TECHNICALLY, he’s already been on the Blue. As a player. But!…not for Boise State. Intrigued? Yeah. You should be. I’ll let Jordan explain more:

What are the odds?!

Anyway, Howard Brown committed to Iowa State over offers from Kansas, among others, as a three star prospect before ultimately ending up in the transfer portal and at Boise State.



Because it’s his former mascot? Ha! No. Did you SEE his moves in the clip above? My man is built for destruction; whether carrying the ball or attacking it!


Credit: Lasentinel.net

Cedric the Entertainer

Career Highlights

Redshirted at ISU in 2021 but then got on the field for 6 games in 2022, totaling two tackles.

He also had a high school career that was sufficiently impressive to warrant offers from multiple Big 12 schools. See for yourself.

2023 Prospectus

It seems likely that the primary thickmen up front on the defensive interior are going to be Hassanein and Gums, but defensive tackles tend to rotate a fair amount, for both freshness and strategic purposes. With as much size and talent as Brown brings to The Blue, I would anticipate that he will see some time on the field in 2023. Possibly even with the ball in his hands!

Is he on Twitter?


Completely made up fact

The Mr. Brown character in the 1992 Tarantino classic, Reservoir Dogs is actually based on Howard. Ultimately, however, due to scheduling conflicts and a small case of “not being born yet”, Howard was unable to portray himself in the role and it was instead filled by…Tarantino.