Taking a break from offensive linemen for at least one day, today we will be exploring the rare defensive player with a jersey number in the 70s. Namely…

#74, Kyler Williams, RS Freshman, DL

Credit: BroncoSports.com


Height: 6’1″

Weight: 268 lbs

High school: Highland High School

How’d he get to The Blue™?

I don’t honestly know much about this guy’s background, but I’m inclined to root for him because he’s from my parents’ alma mater. I literally wouldn’t exist if they hadn’t met there, so seems like a good reason to be a fan, right?? I couldn’t find an entry for him on 247 or Rivals, so I don’t know what his recruiting profile looked like or how many stars he had, but I did see that he was named 1st team all-state in high school. The caveat is that it was on the offensive line, whereas he is listed on the Boise State roster as defensive lineman.



For all I know, he could be a holy terror (and I hope he is on the football field!) but that face just looks like a guy that will have your daughter home by 9pm. That is, when he’s not busy being some kind of helpful aid to the protagonist in an animated movie. I just instinctively want to trust this man!


A much younger and less-frequently-punched-in-the-face version of actor and winner of UFC 6, Oleg Taktarov.

Career Highlights

My sources indicate that he played in one game in 2022, but did not record any stats. You can, however, view his high school highlights here.

2023 Prospectus

Well, he redshirted last year, despite playing in one game. He’s got a lot of proven experience ahead of him on the depth chart. So…I would imagine that he continues to develop, but maybe gets a chance to get into some more contests in 2023 and build out his Bronco resume a bit more.

Is he on Twitter?

This was kind of already answered up there ☝️, but yes. Again. He is, indeed.

Completely made up fact

Kyler once competed in and almost accidentally won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He wasn’t trying to. He was on vacation with his family in New York and had some time to kill while his parents checked out an art museum. He was hungry and didn’t have any cash on him so he improvised, adapted, and…almost became the new champion.