Coming in at No. 73 on the countdown is a player who is not actually listed on the roster, but would fill the spot nicely. Local standout Carson Rasmussen, the three star offensive lineman from Owyhee High School, takes the spotlight on FKWG today. He comes in at No. 73, a pretty good number for Boise State fans: it’s one of three that legendary Boise State Offensive Lineman Daryn Colledge wore in the NFL, and the number NFL draftee Nate Potter wore during his time on the Blue (see picture above).

#73 (66/67), Carson Rasmussen, Freshman, Offensive Line


Height: 6-5

Weight: 296

High school: Owyhee High School, Meridian ID

How’d he get to The Blue™?

A local product, Rasmussen had offers from Air Force and Army, as well as SDSU, Portland State, and the two other D1 schools that we unfortunately share the state of Idaho with (Idaho State and U of I). The Broncos were Rasmussen’s last offer he received, and on June 27, just two days after the offer from the Broncos came through, he accepted and committed to spending his Saturdays on The Blue.


Carson “Mean Muggin” Rasmussen

I mean just look at the picture of him. That is NOT a man I would want to face in the trenches.


I’m pretty sure if Mike Trout played Offensive Line, he would actually just be Carson Rasmussen, and vice versa.

Career Highlights

Carson is the first player from the newly founded Owyhee High School to play for the Broncos. Stats are tough for a lineman, but if you take the time to watch his senior year highlights on Hudl here, you’ll see bodies flying everywhere as he keeps the pocket clean and clears running lanes for a good running game that made the 5A State playoffs last year.

2023 Prospectus

It looks like Carson is probably going to redshirt this year, but the offensive line that the Broncos currently have is a great group for him to learn from. Rasmussen was listed by 247Sports as a Top 100 OL prospect this year, so there is no doubt the talent is there and when its his time to shine, he will.

Is he on Twitter?

Indeed he is, and his pinned tweet is a GREAT commitment video that starts with a picture that so many Idaho families have taken before: him on the Blue at the Optimist Jamboree when he was a kid (GREAT memories there). Check him out @carsonrass!

Completely made up fact

Carson can actually block the entire _yo defensive line at the same time with one hand. It’s pretty impressive to watch.