Happy Friday everyone, and congratulations on making it almost to the end of the 70s. Today, we will highlight…

#71, Cade Beresford, 6Y Senior, OL


Height: 6’7″

Weight: 308lbs

High school: Woodinville High School

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Cade went to Washington State after a high school career that ended with him having three stars attached to his name and a ranking as the 7th best high school recruit in the state. He was also named all-state by the Seattle Times and contributed to an appearance in the title game. He played basketball in high school as well.

For his college years, Cade’s best year was 2021, where he started eight of the first nine games. He came to Boise State via the transfer portal with two years of eligibility remaining.



Nothing was coming to me so I outsourced this one to my wife and she immediately said “Caveman”.


“Idk…he just seems like he’d look good in one of those fur toga things”

Well, alright then! Brb. Getting a fur toga.


Credit: tvfanatic.com

Actor, Brad William Hanke

Career Highlights

Aside from starting a number of games in the PAC 12, Cade also started all 13 games (at right tackle in which he played for Boise State in 2022

2023 Prospectus

Considering he was one of the most consistent parts of the line in 2022, it would be shocking if he wasn’t starting at one of the tackle spots when the season opens in 71 days in Seattle. Very likely that he slides over to the left side and takes over the spot vacated by Ojukwu’s departure.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes. And he’s also a proud big brother…

Completely made up fact

Cade used to be an ultramarathoner, but that world took him as far as it could when he won the world championship on the first try. So, he decided to completely shift gears, drink a cheesecake smoothie (as in, an entire cheesecake in a blender) every night, gain 150 lbs and be an FBS offensive lineman.