Two more days of the sixties. Though technically today’s honoree doesn’t have a number, he needs to land somewhere on the countdown (and this number was open) so, with that being said, with 61 days left until kickoff we have –TE Matt Wagner

#61, Matt Wagner, Freshman, TE


Height: 6′ 4″

Weight: 228 lbs

High school: Rock Hill HS, Prosper, TX

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Previously committed to North Texas Mr. Wagner decided to flip his commitment to the Broncos back in December ’22. That’s another dub in a one-on-one vs the Mean Green (note: I thought that was just a nickname for the football team, I didn’t realize it was their actual athletic name?).

Wagner had other offers from Tulane and some dude named Lamar. Georgetown also offered him. So that’s cool. Wagner definitely made the correct decision.



The nicknames are just going to get worse off.


Some of you folks have been disagreeing with some of the lookalikes. Fair. But I think I nailed this one.

Canelo Alvarez.

Career Highlights

As a senior at Rock Hill Wagner had 592 receiving yards and five touchdowns in 10 games.

Nothing as a Bronco though we might as well hold our breaths cause we won’t be holding for long, amiright?!

2023 Prospectus

Well. Maybe we shouldn’t hold our breaths for the first year. Look, I root for all the dudes that put on a Broncos’ jersey. But getting playing time as a freshman? That’s tough. With the new NCAA rules such as they are, make it somewhat easier since folks can see four games without burning the redshirt. There’s going to be opportunity as the tight ends look to make a name for themselves. Maybe this could be the year?

At any rate, seeing meaningful time could be a stretch. Some garbage time or special teams players. But next year? Watch out!

Is he on Twitter?


Completely made up fact

Matt Wagner is fluent in four different languages (English, Spanish, Latin, and Esperanto). He just wants to make sure and have his bases covered.