WE’RE IN THE 30s! Man…this countdown is straight up therapeutic. In May, it always feels like September will never get here. It’s still not here, but 39 days feels soooo much better than 99. On that note…

#39, Jalen Neal, RS Sophomore, Cornerback

Credit: Broncosports.com


Height: 5’10”

Weight: 175lbs

Previous School: San Bernadino CC

How’d he get to The Blue™?

In a somewhat circuitous route, despite his hometown being Atlanta, Mr. Neal found his way to San Bernardino Valley College in California after high school. The pandemic put a strain on a lot of folks and their options. Coach Kenneth Lawler, an assistant coach for the SBCC Wolverines, used to be a coach at Boise State from 2000 to 2002. Which, wouldn’t you know it, was at the same time that a young buck by the name of Andy Avalos was playing for the Broncos. This long-time connection help Mr. Neal get a tryout for the Broncos and a spot on the roster.

Per 247Sports, Boise State was the only offer. Good.


“Thunder Jack”

I have no idea what it’s in reference to, but it’s on his Twitter and it sounds cool!


Credit: Zooeymagazine.com

Actor, Aldis Hodge

Career Highlights

Currently no highlights to speak of from Boise State, but his Hudl can be viewed here

2023 Prospectus

Despite not registering any stats, Jalen got into the rotation in five games in 2022. With as frequently as defensive backs rotate, I would envision that number will substantially increase, even if he doesn’t start.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes. And loves his brothers. Relatable!

Completely made up fact

Jalen used to fall asleep to the Harry Potter movies as a child, so frequently that he can now quote them in his sleep! But…only in his sleep. So, not a particularly useful party trick, as it requires an absence of consciousness, but likely very entertaining for his family!