Boise State Running Back, #24 George Holani

Boise State Running Back, #2 Ashton Jeanty

Note: There was some talk of weight room number’s in Jeanty’s interview but more context is needed. Jeanty provided some weight room numbers for him and George, but he slightly misremembered at least George’s bench. Because, after cameras were done rolling with Holani, George–who was interviewed first–reluctantly admitted to benching 365lb and said he thought Jeanty had gotten to 615 lbs on squat. Jeanty said later that he “only” (lol) got to 585 lbs on squat and that he couldn’t remember George’s bench but though it was 350 lbs.

…It was actually 365 lbs and apparently as high as 385 lbs last year, before some injuries