The atomic number of manganese and the minimum age required for someone to serve as a member of the US House of Representatives, “25” is also the number of days remaining until football season! Today, that means we will be profiling…

#25, Kaden Dudley, RS Sophomore, Running Back



Height: 5’11”

Weight: 200 lbs

High school: Palmer Ridge HS (Monument, Colorado)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Mr. Dudley had been committed to Colorado for a time until Mel Tucker left. Then the Broncos were able to swoop in and get Dudley to sign on the dotted line. Mr. Dudley not only signed during the early period but also enrolled into classes early at Boise State. He came to The Blue™ as a three star recruit that had the distinction of being the no. 8 recruit in Colorado according to ESPN and no. 11 according to 247Sports. 247Sports also had him designated as one of the top 100 recruits in the country at the position of “athlete” and he initially came to Boise State to play wide receiver, although that ultimately changed to running back.



Sometimes we don’t have to make up a nickname because people already call them one. This is one of those cases. So, consider yourself spared from the deeper recesses of my imagination and let’s roll with “KD”.


Credit: Brendon Thorn, Getty Images

That jawline says “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” star, Zac Efron

Career Highlights

After redshirting his freshman year, Kaden converted from wide receiver to running back and appeared in 8 games in 2022. While he only had 8 carries for 16 yards (and 1 reception for 4), he became the team’s primary kick returner by the final four games of the year. On the season, he compiled 199 return yards (28.4 average), which included a 37 yarder vs Utah State.

2023 Prospectus

Alabama and Georgia have the deserved claim of being this decade’s RBUs, but Boise State isn’t all that far behind. As a result, the Broncos have attracted a wealth of talent at the running back position. A lot of that is in the form of some very experienced players that are returning. Barring catastrophe, the top of the rotation will be Jeanty and Holani at 1a and 1b, but Kaden showed some real value as a return man last year. So, I would anticipate that he grows a lot more in that role but also gets more than 9 touches on offense in 2023.

Is he on Twitter?

Yes. And seems to be very excited about the upcoming season.


Completely made up fact

Kaden was a child actor and once had the opportunity to play Zac Efron in a biopic about the actor’s life. But then he was at the park and some kids threw a wayward pass with a football that was in danger of knocking a nest full of baby birds out of a tree. Immediately identifying the danger, he jumped up and speared it out of the air with one hand. It was so life affirming he decided to dedicate his existence to the sport. Even though he no longer plays wide receiver, it was too late. Football already had its hooks in him and there was no turning back…