Welcome to Week 0, football nerds! San Jose State is playing a B1G USC Trojans team, San Diego State is playing Rugby, and Hawaii is playing Vanderbilt for some reason. We’re a week away from the good guys taking the field, so today’s player is #7 – Latrell Caples

#7, Latrell Caples, Redshirt Junior, Wide Receiver


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 190

High School: Lancaster HS (Lancaster, TX)

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Latrell Caples was a 3-star Top 100 WR coming out of high school in Texas, and had offers from Missouri, Colorado, Boston College, and Bowling Green. However, after witnessing the Broncos shellacking Portland State in 2019, he decided to come to Boise.

Unfortunately, Mr. Caples seems to have gotten one of those “may you play football in interesting times” fortune cookies, as he immediately went through COVID, a coaching change, a coordinator change, and a QB change before even becoming a Junior.



No, seriously.


Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. It just fits.

Career highlights

After a quiet 2021, Mr. Caples managed a solid 2022 campaign, appearing in all 14 games while leading the team in receptions (51) and receiving yards (549), and tied for the lead with 4 touchdowns. They may seem like lean numbers for a Boise State receiver, but when you consider the amount of run production and the huge depth of wide receivers, they’re remarkable numbers for a guy who only garnered 9 starts.

The intangibles with that production are the real impact to the team. Latrell seemed to have that Cedrick Wilson/Austin Pettis ability to just about always be open past the sticks on critical downs.

2023 Prospectus

Up until about a month ago, FKWG would have told you he was poised to be the second coming of Cedrick Wilson Jr. Then the unthinkable happened: Jay Tust broke horrible news.

Is he on Twitter?

That’s an affirmative.

Completely made-up fact.

Latrell is a mildly successful FIFA streamer on Twitch.