Bronco Nation, congratulations. You made it to game day. For those of you waking up on the front lines in Seattle, we salute you. For everyone else, weather you are in Boise or Birmingham, welcome to the Year of the Bronco. Our final roster countdown piece is on yet another exciting prospect, this time in the QB room. CJ Tiller finishes off the series this season.

#0 CJ Tiller, Quarterback, Freshman

CJ Tiller HS


Height: 6’1

Weight: 200

High school: Rancho Cucamonga HS

How’d he get to The Blue™?

Overall, the major recruiting services agree that Tiller is a top 40 QB in the class of 2023. Things get a bit messier when you go deeper than that. Some say he’s a top 20 QB, while some, like 247, have him at 40. Regardless, Tiller is no doubt an exciting prospect. Considered a Pro Style QB, throwing for well over 2,000 yards in both his junior and senior seasons. Both of the remaining Pac-12 schools offered Tiller, as well as the ACC’s Cal, and Mountain West foes San Diego State, Utah State, and San Joe State. He visited Boise very early on in the recruiting process, and committed just 10 days after getting to the 208. Cal, Washington State, and others offered after this, but Tiller held true and now will look to take care of business in the Blue in Orange for years to come.


Agent 0

Like the other “Agent 0”, Tiller has connections to LA and Arizona. Tiller is from Gilbert, AZ, but went to high school in Rancho Cucamonga. Tiller is the next in a line of great Broncos to don the 0 jersey, with the most recent being the De


Swizz Beatz | AliciaKeys Wiki | Fandom
Credit: Fandom

Okay, I caught some flack on my last look-alike, but I honestly think that if CJ cut his hair, these two would look really similar. Swizz Beatz has won numerous awards for his producing, and it’s not out of the question for CJ to do the same. Producing on the field, that is.

Career Highlights

CJ was able to find success in High School, throwing for close to 5,000 yards combined in his junior and senior seasons. Between those two years, he also threw for 41 touchdowns, and his junior year saw him complete nearly 70% of his passes. He was highly rated as a recruit, and has gotten significant praise from the coaching staff this fall camp. Although he didn’t win the No. 2 job to start the season, the staff have made it clear they are impressed by Tiller.

2023 Prospectus

No fan base ever wants to worry about seeing the number 3 QB, because that means something has gone very very wrong. However, in CJ’s case, I think there is a very real world where he shakes that title and wins the backup job. It’s going to be a race between himself and Maddux Madsen, who has a year of experience over Tiller, but I think Tiller will give him a good run for his money.

Is he on Twitter?

Check out CJ on twitter @cj_tiller! Get this man to 2000 followers!

Completely made up fact

CJ is from Gilbert Arizona, but when they saw him play football, they banned him from the state as it would have been unfair to the rest of the high schools in the state. CJ would have run riot, and it just wouldn’t have been fun for everyone else, so they told him he had to play in California instead.