Yeah, yeah the overall outcome isn’t what we wanted. Oh well. There were still some individual performances that are worth talking about.

Game Ball One:

Ashton Jeanty

A common phrase that is going to be tossed around a lot for Mr. Jeanty is HIM. Jeanty is that guy. He is HIM. And, boy howdy, did he emphasize that last Saturday.

Jeanty had 153 total yards, 44 rushing and 109 receiving and two touchdowns. My goodness for being true sophomore, he is going to be a legend.

Game Ball Two:

Taylen Green

The passing stats weren’t particularly spectacular. I am hoping everyone noticed the case of the dropsies and grab some stick ‘um to compensate. He was only 19 of 39 passes (again, there were some issues tehre) and 200 yards. The shifts and motions the Broncos were doing were promising. Just probably going to have to let loose a little with some planned runs (dude knows how to slide, he’s that smart).

Game Ball Three:

James Ferguson-Reynolds

Probably, technically, a dude we don’t really want to see getting one of these. In fact, punter is probably the last guy we want to see on the field. Obviously nothing against JFR personally, I am sure he’s a swell dude, but unless it’s garbage time, would prefer to save his talents.

Nonetheless, when he was on the field, he certainly helped flip the field for the Broncos when they needed him. He averaged 52.1 yards on seven punts. (Which, you know, cool for him but that kind of sucks.)

Your Turn

Again, blah, blah, blah re: the outcome. Believe it or not there were some good things we saw. Let’s keep talking about them.