Well, that happened. Despite some late game heroics from Maddux Madsen and Stefan Cobbs, the Broncos let a late lead slip away on a walk-off field goal from UCF’s kicker.

Ashton Jeanty had a monster game in his start, racking up 212 yards combined rushing and receiving, along with a touchdown.

Taylen Green got dinged up with a supposed twisted ankle, and ended up benched shortly into the 3rd quarter.

UCF won the coin toss and elected to receive.


UCF starts on their own 25 after a touchback, worked into BSU territory on big 49-yard pass and run for 11, then picked off on the BSU 3 by Alexander Teubner.

Boise State took over on their own 3, working into UCF territory until a huge Taylen Green pass got called back for “lack of possession” before the receiver went out of bounds, and BSU ended up punting.

UCF took over at their own 20, and had a quick drive culminate in a long field goal.

UCF 3 – BSU 0

Boise State took the ensuing kickoff out to the 28, then worked a shovel pass and some grinding run into a 38-yard Green to Jeanty pitch and catch and the lead.

UCF 3 – BSU 7

BSU’s kickoff went for a touchback, and UCF took over at their own 25, working into Boise State territory before the BSU defense stiffened up for a turnover on downs at the 13.


BSU’S drive from the 13 went to about midfield before a booming punt backed UCF up to their own 3.

UCF worked from their 3 to the BSU red zone thanks to an untimely BSU penalty extending a huge run, but ultimately settled for 3 thanks to the defense pulling off another stand.

UCF 6 – BSU 7

UCF booted the ensuing kickoff for a touchback, and the Broncos squandered a weird drive by ultimately booming another punt to the UCF 16.

UCF punted after a quick three-and-out, and BSU took over on their own 31.

The Broncos took a short drive to a career-long field goal for Jonah Dalmas.

UCF 6 – BSU 10

BSU’s ensuing short kickoff resulted in a huge return by UCF to their own 49. The Bronco defense forced yet another field goal by UCF.

UCF 9 – BSU 10

BSU messed around for about a minute before halftime.


UCF kicked the second half off with an out of bounds kickoff, and Boise State’s opening drive of the third quarter resulted in a rough Taylen Green pick in the UCF redzone.

UCF once again drove into BSU territory, only to be picked off on a miraculous deflection in the endzone.

The next drive started with Taylen Green behind center, before he left the game with cramps (per Coach Avalos’s postgame presser), then Maddux Madsen took over before a BSU punt to the UCF 12.

Both teams played dueling punters throughout the rest of the 3rd, before UCF took a long drive for 6 and failed at 2 point attempt to start the 4th quarter.


UCF 15 – BSU 10

Mad Dog Madsen took the BSU offense on a grinding drive into UCF territory, calling his own number on a 4th down play where he trucked a UCF safety for a conversion. Madsen hit Mr. Static Shock himself on a strike where Stefan Cobbs kept himself upright and drove to paydirt. Madsen’s conversion attempt went incomplete in the back of the endzone.

UCF 15 – BSU 16

BSU’s kickoff to the UCF 4 sparked a return to 20, but UCF’s run game ground the clock and the field down for a walk-off field goal attempt. After Coach Avalos attempted a freeze, UCF’s kicker boomed it true

FINAL: UCF 18 – BSU 16