This was a weird game.

The Broncos forced a quick three-and-out for CSU on their first drive. The drive consisted of a short Van Schield run, a short pass for six yards, and a Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi 11-yard sack. Once the Broncos got ahold of the ball, it was the Ashton Jeanty show from the get-go. The Broncos marched down the field for 8 plays, 68 yards and an Jeanty TD.

And here is where the Broncos started shooting themselves in the foot.

The defense had forced another Colorado State three-and-out. And the first play of the series ended with a Riley Smith fumble for a turnover.

Defense forced another three-and-out. Maddux Madsen throws an interception.

Another three and out. Broncos touchdown thanks to Jeanty being an All-American. He had 128 yards rushing barely into the second quarter.

Broncos defense forced another punt. For some reason CSU was trying to establish the run? Kind of weird considering all they are supposedly an Air Raid team. The passes behind the line of scrimmage don’t really count.

Course, Broncos turn the ball over again, but this time with Taylen Green throwing a 50-50 ball that caromed into the hands of CSU. The extra possessions were almost irrelevant given the outcome.

The Broncos did manage to get Jonah Dalmas on the board with a 49-yard field goal which were the final points of the half. Colorado State did attempt a field goal, but the Broncos blocked it.

The second half was a mess.

A Rams player was hit with a blind-side block and had to leave the game on a stretch, though he did give a thumbs up on the way out. Per the broadcast he did have feeling in his extremities and was showing good signs.

After a bunch of penalties and unsportsmanlike penalties the game got chippy.

The Broncos lead 30-10 with six minutes left on the clock. After the Broncos fail to recover two onside kicks, and Rams scoring drives to come within 30-24. The Broncos did manage to recover the third onside kick but had to punt the ball away on the ensuing possession. With roughly 45 seconds on the clock, Colorado State made several deep receptions to scored on a late hail Mary attempt. The PAT sealed the game 31-30 Rams.