The _yoming tradition survives. And thank goodness.

Being honest, I was kind of sweating it a little bit going into this game. My confidence was… shook… from two weeks ago. A game that shouldn’t have ended with an L that really shouldn’t have.

Anyway, it’s nice to be on this side of the scoreboard again and against a Cowboys team that isn’t… bad? Not sure how to peg an offense that barely cracked the century mark in yards until the fourth quarter. But this team also beat Texas Tech? I dunno.

We got to see the return of Holani (yay!) but Jeanty not playing in the second half due to an undisclosed lower body injury (boooooo!). Mr. George Holani came back in stride with 20 rushes for 75 yards with a long of 11. Nice to see him doing his thing.

Ashton Jeanty “only” had 6 rushes for 53 yards. That’s awesome for peasants like us, but nowhere near his standard. Hopefully he’s back by next Saturday against Fresno.

The Broncos opted for swapping the QBs every so often. Taylen Green started and went 3-6 pashing, four rushes for 19 yards and a touchdown. He also lost a fumble but thems the breaks sometimes.

Maddux “Mad Dog” Madsen went 12-15 passing and 147 yards with also a passing touchdown.

McAlister continued to be the best WR in the Broncos lockerrom with seven catches for 160 yards and a touchdown. His longest was 49 yards.

By and large this was the Broncos’ defense best game. _yoming collective offense only had 112 total yards, eight first downs, one for 11 on third downs, and only ran 45 plays (a shade over 21 minutes in possession). Andrew Peasley threw a pick and Oladipo nearly had a pick six late in the game.

Andrew Simpson had six total tackles for the Broncos to go along with one sack. Ty Benefield had the lone interception for the Broncos.

The team needed this one. And bad. They protected the blue and beat a… not bad(?) Cowboys team when the debacle from two weeks could have been a dark cloud.

The Broncos face Fresno State next Saturday at 8 pm mountain.

Go Broncos!