I told my son he shouldn’t listen to losers.

Now he won’t talk to me.

Chris Vannini answered a Boise State question ($)

I’ve been somewhat reluctant to give The Athletic a ton of clicks since they let go one of the coolest reporters in Idaho. But that’s whatever. You can read Mr. Vannin’s response to “what’s up with Boise State this year.”

Note: I did put a dollar sign noting a paywall in general, but I was still able to read without paying for access.

ICYMI: Drew wrote about Boise State trading cards

What’s that popular phrase everyone uses? Gotta catch collect them all!

I, for one, am excited to be spending money on more stuff I don’t really need!

Former Broncos are noticing…

Also: Do you want Tyson Degenhart to autograph a card for you?

Check out some ‘advanced statistics’

This is just some basic stats about success rate, etc. Always fun to play with stats.

SuperWest Sports has a Power Ranking

Eh. Ok. I’m fine with this ranking. Spoiler: Boise State is the highest-ranked Mountain West team.

Jonathan Moxey hanging out with the Calgary Stampeders

You like betting on college sports?

This is a Fox Sports betting breakdown for Boise State vs Fresno State. In case you’re into that sort of thing.


This is Minesweeper but with a bit of a twist!