Still withholding some judgement and too much joy with only two games since the OC split. BUT there is renewed optimism and less sense of doom. Boise State has a playcaller that is adapting this personnel and the players are playing with renewed vigor.

Game Ball One:

George Holani

Mr. Holani had himself quite the night. He had 157 rushing on only 17 carries (9.2 average). Even if you take out his 59-yard run he still had 98 yards rushing. That’s a pretty solid night when you split your carries with another back who is showing he is more than capable. Holani had 170 total yards (five receiving and eight on punt returns). Mans does it all. Funnily enough he “only” had a TD reception (instead of the preconceived notion of getting a rushing TD). Anyway, he got a tuddy and that’s all that matters.

Congratulations to Mr. Holani!

Game Ball Two:

Ashton Jeanty

The true freshman phenom has been putting in a lot of work lately. On Saturday Mr. Jeanty had 19 carries and amassed his own century-mark with 109 yards (5.7 yard average). Add in two touchdowns (the last one I honestly don’t think was intentional. The Red Sea parted and he wasn’t just going to stop) and he gave the Broncos their first back-to-back games with two rushers with 100 (or more) yards in program history. That’s nuts. It was pretty hairy there for a minute as Elelyon Noa did come in and on five carries tried for his own shot at a hundo.

Congratulations to Mr. Jeanty!

Game Ball Three:

Ezekiel Noa

Dude played like his hair was on fire and it might have been. Mr. Noa had six total tackles (all solo), a sack, two TFLs, an interception, and a forced fumble. Interestingly enough that was his first career interception. You cannot expect dudes to have stellar games every night but–if I had my way–it would certainly happen. Oh well. I suppose that’s what makes these types of situations special.

Congratulations to Mr. Noa!

Game Ball Four:

Jonah Dalmas

Dalmas had himself another fantastic night. With 16 total points (four made FGs and four made PATs) he continues to add to his mystique be just being able to put points on the board. While the crowd (and myself if I am being honest) would prefer a touchdown vs a FG, Dalmas is undoubtedly content with putting points on the board any which way is needed.

Congratulations to Mr. Dalmas!

Game Ball Five:

Bronco Nation

The Albertsons Stadium crowd did a good. With a sellout, and new record, crowd of 37,663 the fanbase showed up in force. Even causing a false start penalty for Fresno State on the first play (Fresno State did buckle down on the discipline the rest of the game, to their credit). That false start did come on the southern end of the field so especial call out to those folks in the SEZ. Lets keep this momentum going everyone.

Congratulations to Bronco Nation!

Your Turn

Let me know who all I missed in the comments.