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Now it can ride a bike without
training wheels.

ICYMI: Broncos sweep three out of the four Mountain West weekly awards

Which is to be expected. The listed Broncos played very well last Saturday so it’s really awesome they were recognized for that. Now to rest up during the bye week and observe Air Force vs UNLV. The Rebels are surprisingly good this year.

The Athletic has Boise State at no. 77

Yeah, I get it. Boise State does have some proving to do again. That’s whatever. But 77? Seems… low? Hopefully we will have some more clarity after the Air Force game.

Pro Football Focus had some running back ranks

I couldn’t find the actual article/direct source so this one will have to work for now. Mr. Holani and Mr. Jeanty are close.

Action Network Bowl Projections

Brett McMurphy put together a pretty decent list here. I wouldn’t necessarily mind this particular matchup. The bowl sponsors are whatever at this point. Mostly for the practices and an opportunity to get the team one more game.


You feel like wasting some time? Checkbox races.