I went to the Doctor with hearing problems. He said, “Can you describe the symptoms?”

I said, “Homer’s a fat dude and Marge has blue hair.”

ICYMI: Mountain West FB honors came out

And it’s so nice we are referencing it twice.

Michael did a thorough job in detailing the honors (that were well-deserved) and the snubs (that we will carry with us till the end of time). But reiterating the fact that the Mountain West had both Chris Petersen AND Bryan Harsin coached-squads and Andy Avalos is the first Boise State coach to get the nod? Appalling. (But still very deserved.)

Make sure you also catch up on the other honorees if you haven’t already.

Former Bronco Charles Leno is famous (and not just for football!)

Mr. Leno is multi-talented and, who knows, maybe a career in broadcasting is next up when his football years are done.

CBS Sports Bottom 25 playoff

It is super-awesome and helpful for the Mountain West’s reputation (not to mention Boise State’s schedule) that four of the bottom-25 are represented in the 12-team playoff. Should be fun to takes home the trophy.

I suppose it is good that no more than four were in the bottom 25?

Boise State was on Scott Van Pelt’s ‘Bad Beats’ last night

And it was every bit as awesome as you remember from last Friday. Imagine being down five points with 90 seconds left in the game and you’re SUPER close to the end zone. And then–60 seconds later–you’re down by 19. It’s just beautiful.

Figure out this data set

The data is intentionally misleading. Or, at least, hard to decipher. Taylen Green is in the same quadrant as Bo Nix and I think that’s ok?


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