I told my friend I liked Beyoncé, he said whatever floats your boat.

I said, “no, that’s buoyancy.”

Get to know one of your favorite Senior Bowl participants

This is a fun, straight-forward interview with future NFL Hall of Famer–and my future best friend–JL Skinner.

Pro Football Focus graded some freshman from the 2022 season

Clearly I wouldn’t be including this if it weren’t in your best interest to click on it. So, do that thing. It’s a short read as our favorite freshman is number one (doy!!!).

Check out this bracketology website

It is fun because it lists the case for Bronco MBB’s resume. Spoiler: I think it’s a good resume but folks don’t really care about my opinion on that (I, for one, feel like that is shortsighted).

Check out this profile of Boise State’s Maleigha Menegatti

Kudos to everyone who can run. Especially running well.


How many people are in space?