Today I started an argument with my wife while riding in an elevator.

I was wrong on so many levels.

There’s going to be an autograph signing this Saturday

It’s for two pretty well-known players on the football team. Spoiler: Ashton Jeanty and Taylen Green. If you’re in the neighborhood, and like pizza, you can stop by.

Boise State MBB moved up a touch in the KenPom

That win against UNR is what we call in the business, “good.” Boise State heads to New Mexico for a Friday tilt against the Lobos.

Also: Boise State MBB moves up in the Haslam Metrics

Which is cool. I only just found out about this particular metric but it sounds fine? Anyone else hear about this outfit?

A familiar coach is now a head coach in the state of Arizona

Good for him. Makes you wonder if he will make the jump back to the collegiate level but his connections, presumably, will help his athletes get to the next level.


I hope you like Minesweeper.