A man knocked on my door asking for a donation to the local swimming pool.

So I gave him a cup of water.

Bronco MBB slips a little in the NCAA Net rankings

A road loss to SJSU would do that to you.

Kind of a bummer since it puts the Broncos behind somewhat of an eightball as far as a regular season title and SDSU coming into town tomorrow. Broncos really needed all the wins they could get to stay with the Aztecs. Also: the loss didn’t help any sort of NCAA bubble chances.

One positive is UNR moved to a Quad 1 win so that’s good.

Speaking of NCAA tournament bids

Bracketologists still projects the Mountain West with five bids. Things can drastically change, of course, so Boise State MBB just really needs to win. And keep winning.

More Boise State trading cards on sale today

Get them while you can! It was surprisingly difficult to find a set after the first initial rollout. I was only able to get a handful of packs. looking forward to snagging a few more.


This is actually a pretty entertaining game. Onslaught! Arena.